Compliance is most important consideration for 2012

Feedback from users of interims and senior contractors within the pharmaceutical market has indicated that legal compliance is the most important feature that they require from their suppliers in 2012.  While service and technical knowledge are still important factors required from staffing suppliers, utter compliance to increasingly complex regulations in the sector has become the number one concern for pharmaceutical companies. 

Ian Thomas, Managing Director of AXESS said “Compliance has always been important within the pharma industry but the introduction of new legislation such as the Agency Workers Regulations and Pensions Auto-enrolment has brought compliance back up to the top of the priority list for our clients.”

In 2010 AXESS appointed Brian Wilson as a dedicated HR Manager for AXESS and he has been able to dedicate himself to ensuring that were not only were AXESS fully compliant with all regulations, he was able to provide expert briefing to AXESS clients & contractors.   Before joining AXESS, Brian had spent more than 15 years in senior HR roles for major pharmaceutical companies, and therefore has been able to bring both valuable industry knowledge and HR process and policy expertise to AXESS and our clients. 

Ian Thomas said, “It is unusual for a company of our size to have a dedicated HR professional of Brian’s level of expertise, but we think that it provides a distinct competitive edge in the market.  Compliance is such a key factor for clients and Brian not only ensures that AXESS is completely compliant with all regulations but he provided advice that has helped our clients formulate their own policies.  Brian supports and manages our interims and long term contractors so well that our Account Managers can concentrate wholly on client service and our Talent Acquisition Managers can focus wholly on identifying new talent.”    

 2012 has started well for AXESS, with a significant increase in the volume of both contract/interim and permanent recruitment.